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O'Plenty Animation is an independent animation studio set just off the ocean in suburban Point Pleasant, a short trip from New York City. The studio's founder and executive producer, Chris Larson, is an award-winning CalArts graduate who has been a part of such high profile projects as REN & STIMPY, MTV’ S LIQUID TELEVISION and WEIRD AL YANKOVIC’S Grammy nominated JURASSIC PARK VIDEO. The studio was founded in 1995 when Larson’s creative team produced a MERRILL LYNCH training film that combined hand drawn cel animation, CGI and live action. O’Plenty specializes in quality traditional character animation.

O’Plenty Animation Studio created the animated version of Officer Buckle and Gloria, the Caldecott Award-winning children’s book by Peggy Rathmann (Scholastic/Weston Wood) starring JOHN LITHGOW, The Adventures of Papa Gator starring DANNY AIELLO, BAPTISME OF SOLITUDE (screened at the 1st TRIBECCA FILM FEST), music video NO GOOD WITHOUT THE BAD for funk legend T.M. STEVENS, animated series DAWN PATROL and the 3D short, NONNA.


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